logo-sevita2Crooked Creek carries the latest and high yielding soybean varieties from Sevita International.  Sevita International has IP soybean programs to suit your farm with a range of early to late varieties including several SCN resistant varieties.


A Couple of the Varieties that We Offer Are:

DH777 Natto Bean High yielding bushy plant for loamy to heavier soils
DH410SCN Yellow Hilum Strong clay bean with SCN Resistance

2014 Early Bird IP Programs

Variety Maturity Hilum Colour Del’d Harvest (Premiums) Stored  (Premiums)
DH410SCN  2900 Imperfect Yellow  $2.70  $3.15
DH777  2900 Yellow  $5.25  $5.70
Thames  3000 Yellow  $1.70  $2.15

Contract now and save on seed!

Save $3.00/unit of seed by signing an IP contract for select varieties

Early Order Savings!

Order by Sept. 20th SAVE $4.00/unit
Order by Nov. 1st     SAVE $3.00/unit
Order by Dec. 20th  SAVE $2.00/unit

Early Pay Discounts!

Pay by Nov. 1st SAVE 6%
Pay by Dec. 20th SAVE 5%
Pay by Feb. 20th SAVE 4%

* Volume Discounts are also available

All discounts are cumulative, demand for 2014 IP beans are high!
Talk to a Crooked Creek Representative to place your order.

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DH410SCN Yellow Hilum Strong clay bean with SCN Resistance