We encourage everyone to get involved and celebrate. It’s a time to showcase all the amazing things happening in the industry. As Canadians we can be proud that farmers produce among the safest high-quality food for our country and the world. It contributes $108 billion (6.6%) to Canada’s GDP and Canada is the world’s fifth-largest agricultural exporter. 97% of farms out there are family farms. Famers love what they do and agriculture isn’t just their business, it is their passion and way of life. No matter how you look at it, Canadian Agriculture is a success story. So on Feb 13, let’s start having Ag and Food conversations. So let’s get out there and celebrate this day!

If you are on any Social Media sites here are some hashtags to include #CdnAgDay, #AgMoreThanEver, #RealDirt, #IWorkInAg and #FarmLife.

For more information see: www.agriculturemorethanever.ca/cdn-ag-day

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