OMAF, MRA, and PMRA have come out with new guidelines for the 2014 planting that incorporate new regulations and BMP’s for pollinators.   These new guidelines have been put into place to help protect pollinators that may come into contact with neonicitinoid seed treatments.  To accomplish this goal this spring there will be a new seed lubricant that will replace graphite or talc based lubricants.  This new lubricant which bares the name Fluency Agent will be the replacement product for all planters that require a seed lubricant.  Graphite lubricant is permitted in some cases for mechanical lubrication ONLY (ex. finger pickups for corn, or metering units for soybeans).  This new lubricant coats the seed in effect reducing the amount of treated seed dust by 65%. This being said the new lubricant is extremely slippery and applying an excess rate of Fluency Agent can cause skips and/or doubles with certain planters.  It is recommended that growers stick to the standard rate stir in the product to ensure even coating of the seed.

You can find the Fluency Agent available at all seed dealer locations.  The product is sold by individual pail and can come in a case of eight pails.  Crooked Creek Acres will have inventory of this product and it will be available for pickup/dropoff with your seed order.  A pail will cost $24.00 and has the ability to treat up to 50 bags.  This works out to roughly $0.20/acre cost.   The product is all weather safe, if kept covered, and in a place you can remember where you left it, any extra will keep until the following year.

By protecting our technology we can ensure that it is available for when situations arise where they are truly beneficial.  Please refer to the links and images below to see Pioneer’s Product use guide and how it relates to handling seed and treatment stewardship.

Neo Nic Label

OMAF – Pollinator Protection Publication

Bayer CropScience – Fluency Agent Card

Pioneer 2014 Product Stewardship Guide

Other Information Links